Saturday, August 9, 2008

A glut of scrappin.............

Hi all sorry I have not been around but when I finally got home from the road trip all the emotions I had been bottling up flowed forth and I became a blubbering mess.... Well I'm over it for now!!

I have a Super Big thanks to give the Oxleys for the amazing hospitality and friendship that they extended to my family, we all felt right at home and how could we not!!

So to the Wonderful Witchy, Awesome Paul and the Totally Beautiful Evy and Asti
Thankyou !! Thankyou !!
Well for the scrappin glut, the last 5 days have been amazing with the flow of layouts.
I have taken to paint, ink and my new watercolour crayons from Stampin Up.

Well here they are so you can see for yourself.