Sunday, January 25, 2009


********** HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY **********
Hi, us Aussies are about to lite up the BBQ and have a few beers to celebrate......
Thanks for the tatts Mel, I'm wearing them with pride!!!
P.S will upload a pic later ( internet not so goood!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Salam Aleikum everyone.............

Oh my god its been ages hasn't it!! Long story so here is the short version, Etisalat turned off our internet because we had not paid an overuse charge of over 11,000.00 DHS (about $5,000.00 AUS ) there is know way in this world we used that much so we put in a complaint and have yet to hear back, in the mean time we have been waiting for our new connection!! Inshalla (Allah willing) we will get it hooked up soon!!

So much to tell and not enough time to tell it in!! But I do have some wonderful news, my camera was delivered safe and sound to me by the wonderful John Lees who picked it up form Lachlan (My brother in law) before he left Brisbane to visit Abu Dhabi. He is my HERO!!!

Ok must run but I will leave you with 2 photos the first is my fave pic of the Grand Mosque and one of me in an abaya while visiting the mosque.

These were some of the first pics I took when I got my camera!!!

ma'assalama (goodbye) and Hugz everyone..........