Sunday, February 21, 2010

OMG it has only taken 24hrs for me to find and get logged back into my blog........What the hell!

I had a dream about it the other night so well here I am for the first time in like

Ok I have a lot to update then....... I'am no longer lost in the desert, am safe and sound back in OZ where no arabs can dictate how my life should be lived....... I have my life back!

On the creative side of things I had completely shut myself down while in the UAE and had given up on most forms of expression, but since being back I find myself wanting to create and finding new ways to do this so all is on the mend and life is looking up......

Now I have sorted my login over the next week I will be changing the name and header of my blog to reflect where I'm at now, so please drop by later in the week to check it out..... I would also like to take this blog in the direction of photography basics as I need to brush up on some stuff and maybe you all would like to help me or share the journey too.........

As my camera and lens are in a desperate need of a service and clean my pics aren't to the best quality :0( sorry! But your all understanding people.......

So Hello again and hope to see you all back at the end of the week ............ Hugz


scrapwitch said... i caNT BELIEVE its been that long since your last living in limbo.but yesterday bought a new laptop and im back to fast service ,,yipppeeee
my camera also needs a major service and my pics woo ful..:(
love to see u soon and thinking of a trip up sometime soon !

Melissa said...

Great to see you home, feeling creative and blogging!
Melis X

Lexie said...

Woohoo Robyns back!!!